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Customer talking to a service advisor in a dealership
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How Improving CSI Scores Can Boost Your Service Department’s Reputation and Bottom Line

Satisfied customers are key to the success of any service department, and that’s why measuring their satisfaction is essential. The measure of customer satisfaction, known as the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores, is a crucial metric for success in the service industry. But did you know that improving your CSI score can lead to even greater success for your department? 


The benefits of a higher CSI score

A higher CSI score means your customers are more satisfied with the work performed and their experience at your dealership. This translates into increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and referrals, boosting your reputation and bottom line.

The proof is in the numbers

Studies have confirmed the link between high CSI scores and success in the service industry. A report by J.D. Power found that service departments with high CSI scores have higher levels of customer loyalty, repeat business, and referrals.The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) found that service departments with high CSI scores have an average revenue increase of 3.2% compared to those with lower scores. The study also found that customers who rate their service experience highly are more likely to return for future service and even purchase a vehicle from the dealership.

How to increase your CSI score

1. Keep your customers informed

Customers appreciate being informed throughout the entire repair process. Make sure to update them on the status of their repair, introduce the service advisor with a quick text, send automated messages when the vehicle is ready, and send maintenance reminders to let your customers know they are being well taken care of.

2. Be transparent

Customers may not always understand the repairs needed, but a video or photo can be all the proof they need. Not only do videos help build trust, but they can help drive more revenue. In fact, customers are three times more likely to move forward with a repair when a video is sent!

3. Follow up with customers

After the service appointment, follow up with customers to ensure their satisfaction and address any issues that may have arisen. This shows that you value their business and are committed to their satisfaction.

4. Address customer complaints (fast!)

If a customer has an issue, take it seriously and address it quickly. This shows that you value their feedback and are committed to providing exceptional service.

5. Invest in technology

Use modern technologies such as online appointment scheduling, automated follow-up systems, and instant messaging tools to enhance the customer experience.

6. Recognize and reward top performers

Motivate your team to strive for excellence by acknowledging and rewarding their achievements.

7. Track and measure progress

Regularly monitor your CSI scores and use the data to identify areas for improvement.


Raising your CSI scores can lead to increased success for your service department. A higher CSI means satisfied customers, a positive reputation, and increased revenues. Don’t settle for mediocrity, strive for excellence, and raise the bar for your service department. 

Improve your customer satisfaction today and reap the rewards of a successful and profitable service department.

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