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7 Customer Retention Strategies to Steal for Your Service Department

Are you looking to retain more customers and drive repeat business in your dealership service department? Look no further. Here are seven tested and proven strategies you can start implementing today to achieve just that.

1. Personalize your conversations

Personalizing your interactions with customers is crucial in creating a memorable experience. By tailoring your communications to target their specific needs and interests, you can make a lasting impression. Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. So don't hesitate to send personalized thank you messages or celebrate milestones like birthdays or anniversaries with your customers.

2. Use reward programs and promotions

Everybody loves a good deal. Encourage repeat visits by offering promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs. Research has found that loyalty programs alone can increase customer retention by up to 18%.

3. Go above and beyond

Your team's customer service skills can make or break the customer experience. Train them to provide top-class service and offer them the tools they need to respond promptly to inquiries and concerns. A study by American Express found that customers are willing to pay 17% more for exceptional customer service.

4. Emphasize convenience 

Make the customer experience as seamless as possible. Offer easy booking options, multiple ways to get in touch, flexible appointment times, flexible vehicle pick-up options, contactless payment options, and more.

5. Continuously collect feedback

Listen to your customers' experiences and use their feedback to identify areas for improvement. Respond promptly to negative feedback to show that you value their opinion and reduce online bad reviews. A study by MaritzCX found that companies that effectively act on customer feedback see an average increase in revenue of 9.6%.


6. Offer added-value services 

Enhance the customer experience by offering added services such as complimentary car washes, loaner vehicles, or in-service entertainment options.


7. Maintain consistent follow-ups 

Stay top of mind with your customers to ensure they come back for their next appointment. Send maintenance reminders and recalls, and keep them updated on any relevant news or promotions.

Incorporating these seven strategies into your service department will set you apart from the competition and drive repeat business. 

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