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The Untapped Power of Kimoby's DES alongside CDK Global DMS for your Dealership

In the dynamic world of automotive dealership management, efficiency and effective communication are non-negotiable.
The modern dealership faces the challenge of meeting ever-increasing customer expectations in a digital age. Kimoby stands out as an indispensable partner, seamlessly integrating with all major Dealer Management Systems (DMS), including CDK Global.
Unlike conventional texting, video, payments and mobility plugins, Kimoby provides a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to elevate customer engagement, personalize communication, and harness the power of cutting-edge AI technologies.
The result? An unmatched customer experience and tangible impacts on your dealership's bottom line.


Here are 6 reasons why your dealership should care

1. Hyper-Personalizing of All Customer Communications

Kimoby redefines customer communication standards in the automotive industry by leveraging the full extent of your CDK Global DMS data.

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  • Tailored and personalized messaging across all customer touchpoints, utilizing real-time repair order (RO) status and DMS data.

  • Timely communications that enhance transparency and meet customer expectations, boosting your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

  • Targeted marketing and Business Development Center (BDC) campaigns, facilitated by specific triggers or schedules, through one-on-one texting.

  • Total control over your dealership's texting number for highly engaging and targeted campaigns.


2. Automated Estimate Creation with AI-Driven Video to Customers

Kimoby sets a new standard in customer engagement with its AI-driven video to customers that automatically generates complete estimates.

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  • Providing easy-to-understand, AI-generated summaries for advisors and customers, streamlining complex decision-making and highlighting the benefits of going ahead with repairs.

  • Offering a simple video-capturing process within Kimoby's mobile app, ensuring videos are concise and impactful without using your service department's device storage.

  • Sending automated, captioned videos with detailed service estimates, encouraging fast response and additional approvals.

3. Enhanced Automation and Efficiency to Bridge Communication Gaps

Kimoby’s automation capabilities transform dealership operations and allow you to be creative and mindful with the way you reach out to customers.
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  • Directly influencing your dealership’s CSI by automating service follow-ups, satisfaction surveys, and online reviews, fostering a continuous loop of improvement and excelling at being a 5-star review dealership.
  • Cutting through the clutter with automated, essential communications, freeing up your team to focus on what truly matters.
  • Enabling service advisors to send personalized follow-ups at every step of the customer's journey.


4. Simplifying Transactions with Mobile Payment and Financing Solutions

Kimoby introduces direct mobile payments and one-click financing options, significantly enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.
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  • Easy, direct mobile payments streamline transactions for both staff and customers, embodying the modern, digital-first approach to payment.
  • One-click financing option powered by Affirm, enabling customers to approve additional, costly work without financial strain, while ensuring immediate payment to the dealership.
  • Seamless write-back of financial transactions to CDK's DMS, eliminating manual errors and reconciliation headaches for your accounting team.


5. A Cost-Effective, Unified Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Kimoby consolidates dealership interaction efforts into a single, efficient platform.

  • Covering every aspect of customer interaction from initial service appointment through to post-service engagement.
  • Get rid of all plug-ins and additional platforms by offering a unified suite of solutions and features, including texting, targeted marketing campaigns, estimate creation, photo and video sharing, mobile payments through Kimoby Pay, and loaner and fleet management with Kimoby Go. (This does not only simplifies the dealership's workflow and operations but also enhances customer interaction, making every step from service scheduling to final payment smooth and efficient.)
    With everything under one roof, your team gains easy access to customer's info and can provide a personalized service experience.
  • Acting as an extension of your Business Development Center (BDC), enabling automated, targeted marketing campaigns, promotional, work declined, seasonal, and recall campaigns.


6. Future-Proofing Your Dealership with Continuous Innovation

Kimoby anticipates and addresses future challenges and opportunities whether it's in the automotive industry or simply new customer trends. We keep up with the technology so you can focus on what's most important: your customers.

  • Leveraging detailed analytics and reporting for strategic insights, enabling informed decisions and a clear view of your dealership's performance.
  • Adapting to evolving industry standards and customer service trends with its commitment to enhancement and innovation and adding features that help your dealership connect with its customers and serve them as best as you can.
  • Continuously updating the platform with the latest technologies, ensuring your dealership is always equipped to meet and exceed customer expectations.
Kimoby isn't just a complement to CDK Global's DMS—it's an indispensable system that transforms how your dealership communicates, engages, and succeeds.
Adopt Kimoby to elevate customer interactions and operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and foster lasting relationships that drive profitability.

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