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Navigating the Tech Wave: Why Dealerships Must Embrace Tech or Face Extinction

In the dynamic world of automotive innovation, a profound transformation is underway – and it's not just electric cars quietly humming on the streets. A tech tsunami is reshaping the landscape, and dealerships unwilling to ride this wave risk being swept away.

Beyond Cars, There is Technology Driving
The rise of electric vehicles marks not just a shift in propulsion but a broader tech revolution on wheels. It goes beyond sleek electric vehicles – think over-the-air updates, autopilot wizardry, and in-car entertainment that redefines the driving experience.
The real question: Can traditional dealerships adapt to this new era, or are they shackled to a past where cars were just cars?
Worse yet, could their customer experience remain stuck in the past, while the world around them evolves into a realm of detailed updates and seamless interactions?
Cars, for many, are the second most significant expense. Why should customers settle for uncertainty when they can demand transparency and a modern experience, especially when life's twists and turns require a reliable vehicle?
Dealerships Go from Makers to Shakers
It's not about churning out cars anymore; it's about pumping out tech. The E-Tech revolution proves that survival demands a shift from traditional manufacturing to becoming tech providers, as seen with companies such as Tesla.
But how can an entrenched industry evolve to compete with tech companies taking control of their product – the very cars they create and service?
The answer lies in a daring move – integrating tech stacks into dealerships.
While the auto manufacturing industry might not morph into a full-fledged tech giant, it can certainly incorporate technology to enhance customer interactions. And that doesn't even come close to including a Dealership Management System (DMS). Nor does it rely only on having a communication tool with the dealership's clients.
It's way more than that; it's about adding a tech layer to navigate customer engagement on their terms, with their rules, and even automate parts of the process.
Enter Dealership Engagement Systems (DES), a game-changer, yet remains undiscovered by many dealers and auto groups stuck using legacy systems or third-party extensions and tools.
DES has proven to be the key to leveraging customer data for increased profits, new revenue streams, real-time customer updates, exceptional service experiences, and transforming operational chaos into scalable dealership success.
Adapt or Fade Away
In the past years, people have changed their shopping habits, their payment habits, and the world as we know it is all about the instantaneous and not having to look for information but rather having companies bring it to you when it's convenient.
People love tech, modern and sleek experiences, and they won't settle for less.
The stark reality for traditional dealerships is realizing they stand on the brink of becoming relics. It's a critical choice – adapt or face obsolescence. The technology shockwave isn't just about cars; it's a rulebook rewrite.
In this new automotive era, the winners won't sell cars; they'll sell an unparalleled experience.
Will your dealership pioneer this change or become a fossil in the left lane?
- Alex Wojcik, CRO and co-founder at Kimoby

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