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8 Ways to Use Kimoby Pay

There’s more to Kimoby Pay than meets the eye. It’s easy to see how offering a mobile payment option is beneficial for your customers. They can settle their invoices on-the-go, easily access their receipt from their mobile device, all the while avoiding waiting in line or having to touch debit machines. Plus, mobile payments are a game-changer for dealerships by reducing paperwork, simplifying your workload, and saving time attending to clients.

But have you ever considered how you can use Kimoby Pay to resolve less-than-ordinary payment cases? Read more to discover eight types of customers you may have already encountered- and how Kimoby Pay can help you deal with each particular situation. 


1. The out-of-business-hours customer

Next time a customer mentions they can only come by outside of normal business hours or if you know you won’t be there when they drop in to settle their invoice, send them a payment link with Kimoby Pay. That way, you can settle their bill right away, without needing you there.

2. The “Mom’s paying for this!” customer

Sometimes your customer is not the one paying for the service (lucky them!). Instead of asking the third party to come into the store or use a credit card with a different name on it (scam alert!), you can send them a payment link through Kimoby. Plus, it's easy knowing that Kimoby Pay offers a 3-D secure protection that blocks fraudulent cards.

3. The special order customer or deposit needed customer

Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to work for free. Send a payment request for a deposit before the service starts or to do a special order for the customer. That way, you can have peace of mind before you start investing your time.

4. The absent customer

Today, collecting credit card information by phone is not PCI compliant, meaning that you can be held accountable for fines in case of credit card fraud. Writing down sensitive information on paper is a huge risk you don’t want to take. Sending payment requests by text is a safe and secure way to settle invoices without having papers floating around, later to be found by the cleaning staff.

5. The “I need to check with my partner” customer

It’s possible that your customer is not the main decision-maker in the household or they prefer to check with their partner before agreeing to big purchases. By sending a payment request to their phone, they can easily forward the invoice to their significant other and get instant approval from them. Everybody saves time and can move on to the next step quicker.

6. The rushed customer

These days, most customers are extremely busy and simply don’t have the time to wait around in long lineups to settle their invoice. Time is money for both you and your customer. Allowing them to skip the lineup and pay from wherever they are will do wonders to alleviate some stress in their hectic schedule. They will appreciate your fast and considerate service, and come back for more.

Whichever type of customer comes into your business today, they will benefit from Kimoby’s quick and easy mobile payment solution. Don’t put it off any longer; try it out today and see what a difference it makes to your busy day!

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