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Car Services SMS Templates You Need

An SMS text message template is a text with content and settings that businesses define, save, and reuse. SMS text message templates are used to send specific or general communication as part of a marketing campaign or to a small group of people. For example, you can send an SMS reminder to a customer the day before an appointment.

You define the parameters and content that you wish to reuse in the body of the message, and codes automatically insert the last name of the client or any other specific information. Business-grade SMS platforms make it possible to personalize outgoing mass texts.

SMS messages outperform both email and phone calls as the most effective communication channel. Reminders are more than simply a kind thing to do for your clients. They can also save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars per year by substantially reducing the expense of missed appointments!

To help you get a handle on the best SMS templates, here’s a list of 10 must-have templates for automotive service companies.

1. Maintenance reminders

Invite customers back to your business with maintenance reminders. They’ll appreciate your attention to detail, and you’ll encourage repeat revenue.

Hello { }! You last vehicle maintenance was 6 months ago. Contact us by replying APP to this message, or by calling { company.phone_number } and we'll be pleased to book an appointment. Looking forward to seeing you, { }.

2. Appointment reminders

You can reduce no-shows via SMS reminders. You can send a series of SMS reminders to customers by using an SMS drip campaign until they respond or their appointment dates pass:

Hi there, this is { }. On { appointment.start_at_date }, you have an appointment. Please respond to confirm or reschedule your appointment.

3. Confirmations

Thanks to SMS confirmation texts, customers can rest easy knowing that your company has registered their orders and return requests. Customers can also respond to SMS confirmations with any queries or issues they may have:

Hello, { }. The order from  { } has been confirmed. We'll send you a text when it arrives.


4. Updates

If it takes your company a few days to respond to a customer's request or query, you can send updates to let them know your team is working on it. To ensure that each status alert message is equally reassuring, use SMS templates:

Hello { }, this is {} from { }. We're still working on your order.


5. Deliveries

Your clients want real-time updates on their orders. To save time, create SMS templates for delivery notifications. You can even set up your corporate SMS platform to send these texts automatically. It can send a text when your CRM platform, point of sale (POS) system, or order fulfillment software reveals an order has progressed in the delivery process with the use of an SMS integration:

Hello, this is {} from { }. Our driver is on his way with your order. We'll arrive within 45 minutes.


6. Action reminders

Customers occasionally require reminders to accomplish a task, such as calling your office or submitting documents. Use SMS templates to save time and prevent manual, repetitive writing duties if you send reminders frequently:

Hello, my name is {} from { }. We noticed that your application is missing some information. Complete your profile by January to continue.


7. Web chat follow-ups

Unless webchat users have opted in to get SMS updates, your team won't be able to reach them after they leave your company's website. In that instance, SMS templates can be used to send brief follow-ups and check that everything is in order:

Hello, { }! This is {} from { }. Do you have any more questions for us, or are you all set?


8. Follow-ups

Typically, support personnel deal with a large number of tickets. You can ensure that your customer care, support, or salespeople respond swiftly while maintaining a consistent brand voice by using SMS templates:

Hello, { }, this is a representative from { }. Is everything with your order proceeding OK since our last conversation?


9. Mobile payments 

Use mobile payment templates to give your customers all the information they need before settling their transaction. They’ll appreciate the ease of paying for the service from wherever they are. Once they’ve completed their payment, send them an automatic message to confirm the transaction.

Hello { }, Thank you for completing your secure online payment. Come by our service reception desk to pick up your keys. A service representative will be there to assist you if needed. Have a great day! { }


10. Feedback requests

Feedback requests are great to gauge the quality of the customer experience you offer while boosting your online presence. Using SMS templates guarantees that you always ask for feedback in the same way:

I had a great time talking with you today, { }. Do you want to give us some feedback? If so, please complete this two-part survey: Thanks in advance!


Instant messaging services

In today's hectic world, there appears to be an endless amount of things to remember on a daily basis. If you don’t want to deal with no-shows and increase meeting attendance, Kimoby is your best ally. We provide instant messaging services and other convenient business solutions so that you can focus on what you do best and increase the efficiency of your operations. With our instant messaging services, you can:

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    • Manage all your communications on one easy-to-use interface, such as confirmations, cancellations, and appointment scheduling.
    • Allow your frontline service workers to focus on providing a first-class client experience that makes car care joyful and simple by streamlining the time-consuming customer callback process.

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