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Boost Your ROI With This Simple Communication Trick

Today’s leading dealerships know that saving time by working efficiently is the number one building block to a strong business foundation. There are so many tools you can use today to increase productivity, staff and customer satisfaction, and revenue opportunities. But did you know that there is one tool that does it all?    

Introducing automations

If you’re not yet familiar with automations, you need to get on board to stay competitive. Spoiler alert: these days, no one wants to be bothered by a telemarketer pushing your deals. Instead, send automatic text messages to provide the information your customers need without disrupting their day (or their family dinner). Or worse, hitting their voicemail and never having them call you back. Talk about a waste of time (and money)!

Setting up automations will not only save you countless hours but will also minimize human errors and improve your customer experience. Say goodbye to playing phone tag with customers who never answer the phone, and say hello to more free time for higher-value tasks. 

How automations can boost your ROI 

1. Increase customer loyalty

Send automatic maintenance reminders to your customers to encourage them to return to your business. You’ll increase retention and help your customers manage their busy schedules. It’s a win-win!

2. Optimize Your team’s schedule

When customers don’t show up for their appointment, you waste precious time and resources. It’s a frustrating experience that you can prevent with one simple trick: sending your customers automatic appointment reminders to confirm or reschedule at a time of day that makes sense for you. 

In a matter of seconds, you’ll have contacted everyone on your list. Now, when you come into work, all you have to do is check your synchronized real-time confirmed schedule and manage any holes in your calendar, if any.

Reducing or even eliminating no-shows will help you keep your schedule more full, increase recurring revenue, and prevent avoidable downtime.

3. Improve your CSI

Automatically send your customers satisfaction surveys in a timely manager when customers are most likely to answer. You’ll increase the response rate, improve your CSI score, plus be able to immediately address negative comments.

Your customers will appreciate being heard, contributing to higher satisfaction and retention. And did we mention that your staff will be able to manage each CSI entry point (whether Google reviews, Facebook, or somewhere else), in one platform? It’s the ultimate time saver.


4. Instantly connect with your customers

No need to spend hours on the phone chasing customers to let them know that their vehicles are ready for pick up. Simply send an automatic text message that includes personalized touches with custom attributes that auto-fill with the customer’s first name, vehicle type, or more.

It’s fast, easy, and you don’t have to worry about misspelling any of your customer’s details since they auto-populate.


5. Simplify invoicing with contactless mobile payments

Eliminate lineups at the cashier by texting your customers easy-to-understand invoices and allowing them to settle their payments from their phones. You’ll not only save time, but Kimoby Pay’s fraud-prevention features also give you an added layer of security that protects you and your customers. Can you imagine all the time and money you would save by completely eliminating fraud?

As for your end-of-day reconciliation, all of your transactions will be in one spot when you close up shop. No need to spend time on the phone with the bank!


6. Increase Report Transparency

If you provide Hunter inspections, you can easily share the findings with your customers by automatically sending them the reports. Your customers will appreciate having all the information they need and allow you to increase servicing offers.


So what are you waiting for? Set up automations today to better use your resources, save time, and increase your staff and customer satisfaction.

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