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Stay Competitive in the Now Economy

Customer expectations and purchasing behaviors have evolved. People want instant gratification with on-the-spot service. The window to wow customers is getting shorter and shorter, and businesses must offer a competitive purchasing experience that caters to the now mindset. Providing exceptional customer experiences is non-negotiable. With online reviews playing an essential role in customers’ purchasing decisions, it is imperative that companies deliver fast and remarkably well, with impeccable, instant communication. Is your business ready? 


Kimoby's vision

Today, even personal relationships are affected by the Now Economy, and the global pandemic has accelerated this need for instant communication even more. Facetiming friends and family, for example, has become a go-to means of staying connected in real-time when social distancing is keeping people apart physically. With instant video chats, there’s no need to schedule a visit, wait for the agreed-upon time and date, and spend time traveling. The new norm is to connect, right here, right now.

By providing businesses with the tools to instantly communicate with customers through text messages, Kimoby helps companies revolutionize their processes to keep up in the Now Economy. Give your customers the information they crave right now and offer them the possibility of paying their invoices with their mobile phones. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s instant.

Kimoby's + your business in the now economy

The world is speeding up, and businesses need to adapt to the instant-service mindset that is the driving force behind today’s high customer expectations. It’s time to trim the excess time and money wasted on inefficient and outdated communication models. Keep up with the Now Economy, or get left behind.

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