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5 Winning Instant Marketing Campaigns For Dealerships

Every day is a good day to make a plan for increased revenue opportunities for your dealership. Instant Marketing campaigns are a non-disruptive way to connect with your customers by communicating relevant information that creates engagement, loyalty, and new income.

Today, top dealerships are turning to Instant Marketing campaigns to reach customers on a mass scale while tailoring the communication to their customers’ particular needs. It’s a win-win strategy to keep your customers happy and coming back to your business.

Discover 5 tried-and-true campaign ideas that deliver real opportunities for new revenue streams.


1. Seasonal campaigns

Reach out to your customers during tire swapping season to remind them to book their appointment. You’ll stimulate repeat business, avoid operational bottlenecks, and reduce no-shows.

2. Safety-related campaigns

Create an OEM recall campaign with an added incentive (such as a free oil change), and then upsell your customers once they are in-store.

3. Reminder campaigns

Connect with customers who are due for servicing. They will appreciate your attention to detail, and you can encourage them to come back to your business rather than booking elsewhere.

4. Limited-time offer campaigns

75% of people like receiving offers by text messages, so send them urgent deals they won’t be able to resist. For example, free wipers if they book a servicing appointment within the next month.

5. Reconnecting campaigns

Since acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining current ones, it’s worth looking into strategies to keep your existing customers. Offer a special deal to those you haven’t seen in a while, like a free battery check at their next servicing, plus the chance to win a complimentary oil change.

Help get more customers through the door with marketing campaigns.

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